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Collectors and researchers may be interested in the following pictures and photographs that have been included here to serve as real life examples of people and situations in Mackain’s postcards, as background reference to the battalion he served in, or as general illustrations of the life of a soldier during Word War 1. Where relevant, a reference to his postcards has been inserted where the subject matter in the photo corresponds (sometimes highly accurately) to a specific card. For example, compare the photograph of E A Winter from Fred Ward’s book on the 23rd Battalion to Mackain’s Captain in IT 7 and IT 9.

Recruiting Advert for Sportsman’s Battalion,
Punch Magazine, January 1915
Recruiting Poster for Sportsman’s Battalions

Recruiting Poster for Sportsman’s Battalions

British Recruiting Poster (ref IT 1)
The Hotel Cecil, Strand, London, c. 1910

Col Maitland inspecting the troops in Hyde Park, October 1914

Col Maitland and the new 23rd Royal Fusiliers marching from Hyde Park to Liverpool St Station, October 1914

Sportsman’s Battalion arriving at Hornchurch, November 1914

Hornchurch Camp, c. 1915 (ref IT2-10)
Clipstone Camp, c. 1916 (ref IT2-10, AB7)

LT.-COL. E.A. WINTER, D.S.O., M.C  (ref IT7,9)

23rd Royal Fusiliers at Clipstone Camp, 1915

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