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The following bibliography lists any resources that have been a useful reference aide in the creation of this website. Please submit additional recommendations via the comments section at the bottom of the page, or directly to

The 23rd (Service) Battalion Royal Fusiliers (First Sportsman's): A Record of its Services in the Great War
Hard as Nails: The Sportsmen's Battalion of World War One
Books by Peter Doyle
»        Trench Talk: Words of the First World War  (cover features a Mackain illustration)
»        British Postcards of the First World War  (features examples of Mackain postcards)
»        Remembering Tommy  (article on Mackain and many examples of his postcards)
World War 1 in Postcards (features an article on Mackain’s Tommy’s Life and examples of postcards)
Collecting British Army Postcards (features an article on Mackain’s Tommy’s Life and examples of postcards)
Books on Google
»        Kitchener's Army: The Raising of the New Armies, 1914-16  (mentions 23 RF)
»        The history of the Second Division, 1914-1918, Volume 2
Websites & Articles
»        2nd Division: First World War
»        Trench warfare
»        Battle of the Somme
»        Battle of Delville Wood
Delville Wood official website
»        British Army units linked to Delville Wood (including 23RF and 24RF)
»        The Army Service Corps: Base Depots
The War Diary of George Culpitt, Royal Welch Fusiliers  (personal experiences of WW1, including the ones below)
»        Chapter 2 Etaples Camp
»        Chapter 3 To the Front
»        Chapter 4 The Somme
»        Chapter 8 Winter 1916
»        Chapter 11 A Brief Respite
»        Chapter 12 Wounded
Short biography of Charles E. Montague, who served with the Sportsman’s Battalion.
Essex Police Memorial Trust » Frederick J Boyce  (includes  a poem about 23RF)
Parish of Hornchurch » The History of St. Andrew’s Church  (mentions a memorial to the Sportsman’s Battalion)
Through These Lines » Research: Etaples
Australian War Memorial » Iso Rae in Etaples
The Straits Times  » 1929 article on Mrs Cunliffe Owen
Blogs & Forums
Great War Forum  (features many discussions related to 23RF and 24RF related topics, some listed here)
»        Units and Formations
»        Etaples Training Camp
Canadian Great War Project
»        Fergus H E Mackain
Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF) Study Group » Fergus Mackain
»        The Royal Fusiliers - Sportsman's Battalions  (lists some service numbers for 23RF, 24RF and 30RF)
»        Map of Etaples
International Military Forums » "Tommy's Dictionary Of The Trenches"
Flickr (including 23RF and 24RF related photos, one listed here)
National Library of Scotland  »  First World War “Official Photographs”
World War 1 Photos                                
Museums & Libraries
»        Article on “Real Sporting Heroes (includes a section on the Sportsmen’s Battalions)
Postcard Collecting
»        "Sketches of Tommy's Life" Postcards: by Fergus Mackain
The Great War Postcards
»        Picture postcards of the First World War: Soldiers humor on Great War postcards
Online Auctions
»        eBay  »  WW1 Postcards for sale
»        Delcampe » WW1 Postcards for sale

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